Birthday wishes are a crucial ritual. It not only shows that you care for the person but also that they hold enough importance in your life that you remember their birth date. Often times, it puts people off when you do not wish them on their birthdays because it has become such an important ritual now.

Most people have good intent while wishing and want to wish well upon their loved ones but they do not have the tight words to fully express their emotions and sentiments. While some do not have the vocabulary to do so, some simply do not know how to articulate what they are feeling. Some also do not have creative ideas when they want to be innovative with their wishes.

As a result, they end up either not wishing at all or sending dry wishes to their loved ones which in turn is depressing for both the sender and the recipient. As a solution, this article will brief you through the different ways in which you can send loving, creative and innovative wishes to the ones you care about.

We have almost all your relations covered. Whether it is your 1 year old niece or your father, we have a number of wishes that suit everyone and is directed at everyone in your family. All you have to do is simply choose the one that you think is best for the relation that you want to go with.

Another very interesting aspect that is associated with wishing people a happy birthday is that when you are wishing someone on their birthday, you are not just wishing them and taking part in their celebrations but you are also in a way thanking them for existing. Since birthdays are the days we came into existence, someone’s ‘happy birthday’ basically means ‘thank you for coming in this world.’

Moreover, a very useful aspect of birthday wishes is that you can wish anyone anytime without it being awkward. Birthdays are a universally acclaimed special occasion and almost everyone wants to be wished on their birthday. Sometimes, we want to strike a conversation with someone we have not talked to in a long time but we do not know what exactly to say because we fear it might look awkward.

A simple hi or hello is sometimes a bit too advanced for our needs. In such occasions, birthday messages could act as nice ice breakers between acquaintances or simply friends who haven’t spoken since a long time. A simple but well crafted birthday message, chosen from our article, could lead to a conversation and reignite the bond that once existed between two people.

A lot of people say that the wishes themselves do not matter as much as the intention to wish does. Therefore, if someone’s wish is not up to the mark or sounds very dry, it is still okay because the thought is what counts the most. We are not negating this fact and indeed, the intention matters but if the content is just as good, it proves to be a great combination.