If there is anything

  • If there is anything you can ask for, today would be the day to ask for it. If you get it, is a different conversation in entirety. But don’t forget that I love you my daughter. Happy Birthday.

You are my daughter

  • You are my daughter, beautiful and very smart girl who filled my days with happiness. I love you and I wish you many congratulations on your birthday.

Have been known

  •  Have been known to be many great things. Now I will add “father” to that list. Happy birthday my daughter and thank you for giving me a gift no one can give me.

God has blessed

  • God has blessed me with two very beautiful angels. He also blessed me with the ability to lead and teach both of you great things. I’m glad both of you have done amazing. Happy Birthday.

If there is anything

  • If there is anything that I have ever learned from your mother is that shoes are a woman’s best friend. What does that mean for you? Well, you’ll find out. Happy birthday my daughter.

I remember when you were little;

  • I remember when you were little; all you ever wanted to do was cuddle into my arms like a little cat. Now that you are grown up, all you want to do is cuddle into me like a little cat. Nothing has changed. Happy Birthday my daughter.

Honey as we celebrate

  • Honey as we celebrate your birthday today I want you to know that you have become the woman I always thought you would be. I am proud of you my daughter!

Time passes quickly,

  • Time passes quickly, and now I see you turned into a beautiful young lady which I feel very proud. Do not forget you can come to me when needed. Happy Birthday my daughter.

My beloved daughter,

  • My beloved daughter, I am your mother, but you can trust me and I wish the best for you. I love you with all my heart and on this special day I want to wish you a happy birthday.

You came into my life

  • You came into my life at the time when I needed you and you gave me the biggest reason to fight every day. You are my beloved daughter and would do anything to see you happy. I hope you can enjoy your birthday.

Happy Birthday daughter,

  • Happy Birthday daughter, my wishes for you are that, you grow as old as the hills, as bright as the sun, as beautiful as the mountains and as strong and courageous as a lion, I love you.

I am here for you

  • I am here for you, I will always protect you, love and nature you. Never be afraid to come to me when you need anything. I will always be here for you honey.

My daughter is a very important lady in my life.

  • My daughter is a very important lady in my life. There are many ladies but I am responsible for you. Every day has been a gift to have you. Now I will make today special for you. Happy Birthday baby girl.

If you were a big brat

  • If you were a big brat, I would have gotten you a big fart in a jar. I would have left in your room too. Thankfully, you are not. So, you will have an awesome birthday instead my daughter.

Your mother has always tried to get me to dance

  • Your mother has always tried to get me to dance. Now that it’s your sweet sixteen, I am not obliged. But the jokes on both of you because I’ve always known to dance. Happy Birthday.

It’s your special day my daughter.

  • It’s your special day my daughter. We are celebrating another day when you were delivered into my arms. At least, now you are no longer wearing diapers. Woo! Happy Birthday.

Everyone always ask about you

  • Everyone always ask about you when they come over. I guess my daughter has picked up her popularity from her old man. Don’t ever forget who taught you. Happy Birthday my daughter.

I have never been

  • I have never been more proud in my life then when you were born. I was so happy to see you for the first time. It was such an incredible moment that I’ll never forget it. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday my daughter.

  • Happy Birthday my daughter. Now you may consider me an old man but this old man can still get down and party. Let’s dance my beautiful daughter.

I waited for nine months to see you

  • I waited for nine months to see you, for the first time and from that moment my happiness was complete. My pretty girl, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world.

I have never loved

  • I have never loved a woman more than I loved you. You are a very lucky lady as there are millions that wanted my heart but none never got it. Happy Birthday my daughter.