I was gonna make you

I was gonna make you a wine cake but now I am drunk this is just a cake.Happy Birthday June

 We are always with you

We are always with you – whatever the situations will be.Happy Birthday June

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to all of you born in June. Hope you have a blessed day.

 Keep patience

Keep patience, A truck fully loaded of nice presents on the way!Happy Birthday June

 You understand everything

You understand everything, you keep yourself calm, you have got sharp memory and you are true to your words.Happy Birthday June

 We love you and thanks

We love you and thanks for your presence in our alone world.Happy Birthday June Happy Birthday June

How to kill all your enemies?

How to kill all your enemies? SMILE.Happy Birthday June

Inside every older person

Inside every older person is a younger person – wondering what the hell happened.Happy Birthday June

 You made us rock n roll

You made us rock n roll, we play with you like your colleague. You awakened the hidden child live in us. Today, we pray that you adopt the best way.Happy Birthday June

 I wonder how on my birthday

I wonder how on my birthday I get presents and money. I get paid for being born. It is like being Kim Kardashian for a day.Happy Birthday June

 Today is the best day

Today is the best day to start what you dream of. Believe in yourself and achieve the things. You deserve the best.Happy Birthday June

 You are the coolest person

You are the coolest person of the world. Enjoy it!Happy Birthday June

Birthday cake the only food you

Birthday cake the only food you can blow on and spit on and everybody rushes to get a piece? Aha but I’m going to try it with my veggies!Happy Birthday June

 She asked that

She asked that I bought clothes for your birthday, I said wow, show me – Okay, wait 5 minutes – let me wear them..:)

 Everybody pretends

Everybody pretends to not notice the money while “reading” their birthday card.Happy Birthday June

 You worked so hard

You worked so hard now its time to party even harder.Happy Birthday June

 The way you go

The way you go is fantastic.Happy Birthday June

 Remain just that.

Remain just that. Holiday Happy Birthday.It is the day on which they were born and the world has such an expensive and unnecessary gift from God.

 My wishes are always with you

My wishes are always with you. May your deepest desire come true.Happy Birthday June

 You proved in your small age

You proved in your small age that how smart you are. Happy Birthday June

where is the party tonight

where is the party tonight! Just kidding. This fine day, I hope that your grow more young and smarter than before.Happy Birthday June