I never thought

  • I never thought I could have words like this from a fatherly person ever again but your words have always been like water in my desert, I appreciate you so much. Happy birthday step-dad.

Fulfilling the duty of a father

  • Fulfilling the duty of a father to a child who isn’t yours could be difficult but you have always been there for me at all times. Happy birthday step-father, remain blessed.

You make me proud;

  • You make me proud; I can never take you for granted. You fill in the places where nobody else can. Have a blast daddy.

You have completely

  • You have completely eliminated the word step between us. For me now, you are my like a real father. I respect you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday dad

This day is all about you

  • This day is all about you. I hope you have fun and enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday step dad you are the best.

Have a fun step dad;

  • Have a fun step dad; you deserve the very best of everything. Happy birthday you deserve the very best, may it all come to you.

I find it difficult

  • I find it difficult to believe mom when she said you were different, because I believe you will only care for mom but not my siblings and I, but your act gave me a second thought. Happy birthday step-dad

Becoming your friend

  • Becoming your friend has been a very great surprise to me, but thanks to you for your patience and perseverance. Happy birthday step-dad. Thanks for always believing in me.

Having a step-father is no big deal,

  • Having a step-father is no big deal, but making it work is the real deal, thank God we are blending really well. Happy birthday step-dad.

Good morning dad,

  • Good morning dad, I hope you had a lovely night. You turn a new age. As you grow older may you grow wiser and happier. I hope you enjoy it.

I celebrate

  • I celebrate you and your bravery for giving us a try, you can be rest assured that we will make this family work. Happy birthday step-dad.

If you are not with us

  • If you are not with us, I wonder, how my life would be. Happy birthday my step dad.

This is your birthday step dad,

  • This is your birthday step dad, I will forever celebrate you. You mean so much to me. So have fun today, you surely deserve it.

Happy Birthday Step dad,

  • Happy Birthday Step dad, you have really been there for me. I don’t know what I could do without you. Have a blast today!